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Title: All The Small Things
Fandom: RP-verse involving Evil Dead: The Musical and Legally Blonde: The Musical with a little bit of Re-Animator tossed in.
Paring: Ash Williams/Elle Woods
Rating: PG-13 for mentions of sex, violence and Herbert West
Summary: A series in vignettes in the relationship of Elle and Ash
Notes: An early Christmas gift for [ profile] smartemployee, [ profile] bulletsnductape and [ profile] ash__evildead. It takes place in our RP verse, so it may not make sense to anyone else.

Fake cut to my fic journal
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Found this meme in an old RP journal of mine and decided to bring it back for Elle.

We who RP tend to be creative people, and being creative there's a very real chance that we might have musical tastes that are strange but that we'd like to share. Take the music that you listen to to "get into the mood" for your character, pick a few songs and list some lyrics. Explain your choices to the rest of the class and tag five people who you'd like to see do it!

Let's have some fun, this beat is sick... )
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It's really hard for me to imagine this decade without Legally Blonde. It's one of my favorite movies and it soon became one of my favorite musicals. Though, I'm sure that everyone isn't so familiar with the source material in it's various forms, so here's a short primer on the awesome that is Legally Blonde.

Nobody screws with somebody who's Legally Blonde! )
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So this mix has been floating around in my iTunes for a little bit. Naturally, the best solution is to post it when I should be cleaning.

Yes, those are pink chainsaw pins. This guy made them. Anyway...

Lyrics and download under the cut. )
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Elle has the house to herself for once. The family went out to the movies and Elle stayed behind. Ash had insisted that she come along, but Elle had come up with some excuse for not go. Something about not feeling well.

She felt bad about lying to Ash, but she just needed some time to herself. Ever since her Ash left to go back to 1300, she had either been with Sheila, the other Ash, the kids or some combination of the three. She appreciated everything they had done for her, but she just needed time to slow down and let her mind clear.

The best place to do that? The shower.

The one at the Williams house wasn’t overly fancy, but it was much better than the ones at Harvard and it did what it needed to do.

Elle let the water heat up as she went and collected the bath product that Paulette had graciously brought her through the door. All her scents and scrubs and things most people found unnecessary, but she found essential.

She was about ready to disrobe and step in when she heard something in the hall. Her body froze up and she looked out with caution. “Hello?”
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10 things I like/dislike about Ashley J. Williams

1.) The way he kisses me.
2.) How he can be so boneheaded.
3.) How sweet he can be when I'm down.
4.) How he doesn't tell me ANYTHING.
5.) He's great in bed.
6.) His metal hand gets super cold.
7.) He doesn't treat me like a dumb blonde.
8.) He can be so infuriating...
9.) ...but I can't stay mad at him forever.
10.) [Locked] The love I feel for him. And how much it scares me.
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Note: This takes place in Elle's nearby future when Paulette gives birth to her twins. Ash is there, but he doesn't say much. Sorry. :x

And now we have two kids... )
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Okay, so I keep getting certain things I've said about Elle mixed up due to the time space between when I originally started playing her and when I picked her up again for what I'm dubbing the Ash Blonde line. This is my attempt to set things in stone so I don't keep getting things mixed up. May include some details about my other Legally Blonde: The Musical pup, [ profile] needirishlovin.

Back to the sun, back to the shore... )
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1.) Manicure. I am way overdue for one.

2.) Highlight the Strottham case. Dorety keeps putting emphasis on it.

3.) Re-stock the purse. Running low on handi-wipes and dog bones.

4.) Email Brooke about organizing Delta Nu alumni reunion for next summer.

5.) Schedule Bruiser for Groomer appointment. He's overdue for one as well.

6.) Talk to Ash. Need to see if it's okay to start using the 'b-f' word.

7.) Return CDs to Vivian and Enid.

8.) Book trip home to Malibu for Spring Break.

9.) Vacuum dorm.

10.) Get more Paul Mitchell samples from Paulette.
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Breathe in, breathe out.

A simple process. One that Elle usually never stopped to watch in people. Sleeping or otherwise.

And yet, with Ash, she seemed to forget that. She tended to sleep lighter than him, so she occasionally woke up just to see him curled up asleep next to her.

And she'd lie there for what seemed like an endless moment, listening to that simple little process. Breathe in, breathe out. Rinse. Repeat.

Elle couldn't tell you why she seemed to watch him when she didn't with others, but she could tell you that it made her feel satisfied. That for just for the hours when Ash could sleep, he seemed at peace. They were short moments, but it gave Elle a peace of mind.

That's when she'd curl up closer to him and try to go back to sleep. Listening and feeling the rise and fall of his chest as he kept up the process.

Breathe in, breathe out.

It was never hard to drift back after that.
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The day after the Wyndham trial, Elle immediately went out and bought copies of the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald. She got a rather strange look from the sales clerk (apparently not many girls who looked like her bought newspapers), but a quick double take when he saw the cover picture of her and Brooke.

The Herald said THE DAUGHTER DID IT! The Stunning Upset In the Trial of Brooke Wyndham

The Globe said Brooke Wyndham framed, freed in Trial Upset

Elle didn't think of what happened in the trial as an "upset", but she wasn't writing the papers. She had expected most of it to be about Brooke and Chutney, so she was rather surprised when she had gotten a good paragraph in each on.

Later that day, Enid practically came rushing across campus with copies of The Harvard Crimson and Harvard Law Record. Both boasted the same headline with a rather unexpectedly flattering picture she didn't know was taken...


Those articles talked a good portion about Brooke, but it had been mostly about Elle and how her own common sense had kept Brooke from going to jail. It made her feel oddly satisfied.

The next week, Paulette was excitingly waving a copy of People magazine in her face. The headline was 'I THOUGHT IT WAS YOU WALKING THROUGH THE DOOR!' THE SHOCKING TRUTH IN THE TRIAL OF BROOKE WYNDHAM and in smaller text Jealousy, Fatal Mistakes and How a Law Student Saw The Truth.

Elle thought it was kind of sensationalized, but she got a good giggle out of it.

Those were the headlines. There were more, of course. Elle's inbox had been stuffed with online news links about the trial from AP to TMZ. There was even a Perez Hilton blog or two, but Elle passed on reading those.

If you look carefully at the corkboard on the wall behind her desk, you can see some of those headlines. Some might see it as boastful, but to Elle, it's vindication. A reminder that she's more than her hair.

It reminds her that some things aren't worth giving up, even when times are hard.
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My exercise playlist changes a lot, but I always try to use really energetic songs. A lot of people can't tell the difference between my workout playlist and my study playlist, but it just doesn't have the same feeling to me.

Anyway, the current playlist. Perfect for Brooke's workouts, running around the Harvard campus early in the morning or just hitting a treadmill.

'Mysterious Ways'~U2
'Bad Romance'~Lady GaGa
'Gimme More'~Britney Spears
'Gives You Hell'~The All-American Rejects
'Gold Lion'~Yeah Yeah Yeahs
'Hot Mess'~Cobra Starship
'So What'~Pink
'Blame It On The Boogie'~The Jacksons
'Hey Ya!'~Outkast
'We Are Golden'~Mika
'La Tortura'~Shakira
'Supermassive Black Hole'~Muse
'Gimme Gimme Gimme'~The A-Teens
'Fighter'~Christina Aguliaria
'I Don't Care'~Fall Out Boy
'Space Cowboy'~*NSync
'whyyawannabringmedown'~Kelly Clarkson
'Superstar'~Lupe Fiasco
'Boys Wanna Be Her'~Peaches
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Family isn't about whose blood you have. It's about who you care about. -Trey Parker and Matt Stone, South Park

I love my mom and dad. Really, I do. But growing up, they really didn't feel or act like parents. They still don't. I think they could have been taken from my life and I would have still lived just fine as a kid with my nanny and the trust fund.

Bruiser was really the first person that ever really felt like family to me. I found him abandoned outside that mall when I was seventeen. I knew nothing about taking care of dogs, but he was just a puppy and I couldn't just leave him alone. Ever since then, he's been by my side. I take care of him and he's always there for me.

And now, I have two families. My California family. My Delta Nus. Say what you will about sororities, but those girls have been my angels since Freshman year. Everyone of them is my sister and if you don't believe me, I have a whole inbox full of encouraging emails and text messages that says otherwise.

Then there's my Harvard family. They were...rough on me at first, but I think we have a better understanding of each other now. Paulette is the big sister I never had, Vivian and Emmett keep me honest and Enid inspires me like no other to be a better person.

All of these people. They're not my blood and yet, I feel closer to them than I do anyone else in this world...

I guess that's what family really is.
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1.) Bruiser: I'll always take care of you. I tell everyone you're family and I mean it.

2.) Delta Nu: I'll always honor our sisterhood. You girls have supported me. I'll do the same as long as I live.

3.) Emmett: I'll always work twice as hard. I wouldn't be here without your help. It's the least I can do.

4.) Ash: I will never try to replace Linda. I just want to be here when you need me.

5.) Paulette: I'll be the best possible friend I can be. You deserve no less.

6.) Vivian: I'll give that Arcade Fire cd a shot.

7.) Enid: I'll always keep an open mind.

8.) Mom and Dad: I'll make you understand and I'll make you proud.

9.) Brooke: I'll consider the job offer you gave me. That's the only promise I'll make on that.

10.) Myself: Stay true to who you are and defy every expectation.
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1.) A few days ago, when Serena called to tell me she got engaged. Tears of happiness, promise.

2.) When Warner broke up with me. I'm no longer sad about the Jackie/Marylin thing.

3.) When I failed that test in Professor Stromwell's class after busting my ass studying for a week.

4.) When Callahan kissed me and fired me because I slapped him. Thankfully, everything became better after that.

5.) After that dream I had in sophomore year where Bruiser had been run over. Was it by one of the Zetas? I don't really remember that part of the dream.

6.) Whenever my nanny tried to dress me when I was a kid.

7.) Last week when my mom just didn't seem to care about anything school related I was talking about.

8.) When Emmett and I broke up. It was mutual and we still talk, but I still cried myself to sleep that night.

9.) Every time I watch Moulin Rouge. I should just start skipping the end and save myself the headache.

10.) When Farrah Fawcett died. I used to watch re-runs of Charlie's Angels religiously as a kid.
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1.) Bruiser Woods
2.) Most anything pink
3.) A new pair of shoes
4.) Getting recognition after a particularly tough test/paper
5.) Paulette's advice
6.) Encouragement from my Delta Nu Sisters
7.) Those vegan muffins Enid brings to study sessions
8.) Blasting cheesy pop music while studying civil law (particularly Lady GaGa)
9.) Watching Days of Our Lives with Bruiser Woods
10.) The way Ash kisses me ♥
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(Continued from here.)

Elle's space in the Harvard dormitories wasn't that grand. Since she was a grad student, she had managed to get a space by herself. Which was a relief. She soon realized shortly after starting law school that not everyone could handle this much pink in a small space. Nor a chihuahua no matter how well behaved he was.

She just hoped Ash wouldn't mind.

She slowly opened the plain wooden door and turned on the light to reveal the brightness within. "Well, here it is."
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Elle wasn't even sure why she was here. Or why she had thought of this in the first place.

"He's not going to come..."

After their shopping trip, Elle casually invited Ash to come for coffee. She hadn't gotten an extremely clear answer and now she was feeling partially stood up and partially like an idiot for even trying. Which made her feel weird because it wasn't like she was dating him or anything.

She sighed and pulled out one of her textbooks from her messenger bag. "Might as well get something done."
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