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Nov. 26th, 2009 02:42 am
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Elle has the house to herself for once. The family went out to the movies and Elle stayed behind. Ash had insisted that she come along, but Elle had come up with some excuse for not go. Something about not feeling well.

She felt bad about lying to Ash, but she just needed some time to herself. Ever since her Ash left to go back to 1300, she had either been with Sheila, the other Ash, the kids or some combination of the three. She appreciated everything they had done for her, but she just needed time to slow down and let her mind clear.

The best place to do that? The shower.

The one at the Williams house wasn’t overly fancy, but it was much better than the ones at Harvard and it did what it needed to do.

Elle let the water heat up as she went and collected the bath product that Paulette had graciously brought her through the door. All her scents and scrubs and things most people found unnecessary, but she found essential.

She was about ready to disrobe and step in when she heard something in the hall. Her body froze up and she looked out with caution. “Hello?”
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