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Nov. 14th, 2009 04:53 pm
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Note: This takes place in Elle's nearby future when Paulette gives birth to her twins. Ash is there, but he doesn't say much. Sorry. :x

Elle’s eyelids fluttered open as she felt cold metal across her forehead. The waiting room was very white and Elle came very close to squeezing her eyes shut again. “Has she gone into delivery yet?”

“Not yet,” said Ash, handing her a cup of coffee. Elle took it with thanks and began to sip slowly on it. It was hospital coffee, but any caffeine at this point was better than none.

How long had it been now? Elle had no clue. Last time she had seen the world outside the hospital, she had been getting ready to spend the weekend in Michigan with Ash and the other Williams family. She had gone in to see Paulette about getting more shampoo for Bruiser...

...when Kyle came running out the doors with Paulette, trying to get to the UPS truck parked in the front.

That was a more than obvious signal that Paulette’s water had broken. So right back to her BMW she went, following behind Kyle the whole way and Ash pretending he wasn’t a little freaked out when Elle went into speed demon mode. Everything else after that became a blur of various phone calls, going back and forth between the vending machines and trying to help Paulette and Kyle through the dilation process.

She had tried to send Ash to Michigan without her, but he insisted on staying with her. He seemed to go pale every time Paulette screamed in pain from a contraction, so Elle just sent him to do random things. She didn’t ask for the coffee though. At least not that she could remember.

She held onto his hand as she stared at the very white ceiling, feeling like her brain was spinning inside her skull. “Ash, what time did we get here?”

“‘Bout 4...4:30.”

“Friday afternoon, right?”


“What time is it now?”

She felt her arm move slightly as Ash checked his watch. “Almost 5 in the morning.”


Ash showed her his watch. 4:55. It had been almost 13 hours since they had gotten here. Elle had pulled all nighters before, but there was something about having your best friend going into labor that made things even more exhaustive.

“Miss Woods?”

Elle and Ash looked up to see a nurse in pink scrubs. “Mrs. Bonafonté is heading towards the delivery room now if you’re ready to join her.”

“Yeah, I’m coming,” said Elle as she took another sip of her coffee. She was tired as hell, but she was not going to back out on Paulette. She leaned over and gave Ash a quick kiss and her coffee cup. “Try and take a nap. I’ll get you when it’s over.”

She then got up to follow the nurse, pulling her hair back into a ponytail in the process. To quote Ash, it was go time.

If the latex gloves weren’t bad enough, Elle was pretty sure her fingers were going to fall off with how hard Paulette was squeezing. Still, she wasn’t going to make it obvious. Especially with how loud Paulette was screaming. “You’re doing great Paulette!”

Another hard squeeze and Elle noticed Kyle getting yanked down closer to the bed. “For the love of crap, GET THEM OUT OF ME!”

“Just keep pushing,” said Elle, trying her best to squeeze back.

“And remember to breathe like the yoga instructor taught us,” said Kyle. Paulette just shot him a look that said ‘Die, scumbag who knocked me up’.

“The first one is crowning!” shouted the doctor. “Just a couple of more pushes.”

As soon as the doctor said that, time seemed to slow down as Paulette pushed. There was still screaming and hand squeezing and words of encouragement, but everyone seemed to be holding their breath, waiting in anticipation...

Until that first cry came out.

“It’s a girl!”

The room sighed in relief. It was all good so far. Paulette took a second to catch her breath and Elle watched as several people began to clean up the first baby.

“Okay, Paulette, you did great,” said the doctor. “You’re about halfway there.”

Elle gave Paulette a reassuring squeeze and reached over for one of the towels beside the bed to wipe her forehead off with. “C’mon...you can do this...”

Paulette nodded as best as she could and the cycle started again.
When Elle found Ash, he was curled up in one of the waiting room chairs, sleeping. It was nearly 7 am at this point and Elle almost didn’t want to wake him up.

She gently shook his arm and watched as he stirred from his sleep. He blinked at her with bleary eyes. “Well?”

“Two healthy baby girls,” said Elle with a smile. “You want to meet them?”

Ash seemed unsure, but Elle grabbed him by his metal hand and pulled him from his chair anyway. If he could just do this for her, they could go back to her dorm and sleep.

Hmm...sleep. That sounded amazing at this point.
“C’mon Elle, smile,” said Paulette from her place on the bed.

“I’m trying,” said Elle, looking up at Kyle, who snapped another picture of her with one of her goddaughters. A flash never seemed so painful before.

Still, it was worth it. She looked down at the one in her arms. The oldest one by five minutes. “Oh, you’re just so popular, aren’t you? Everyone is just going to love you and your sister.”

“You thought of names yet?”

Elle looked over at Ash sitting by the window, then back to Paulette, wondering what the answer to the question was. “Yeah, you guys had a list. Did you decide?”

“Well,” said Paulette, looking down at the one in her arms. “This one is Eileen. Kyle assures me it’s a classic Irish name and better than naming her Enya.”

Elle looked over and winked at Kyle. She figured that had to be a hard fight to win. “She looks like an Eileen.”

“And for her,” said Paulette, gesturing her head towards the one in Elle’s arms. She then looked up at Kyle. “You wanna tell her, sweetie?”

“I think you should...”

If Elle could do the eyebrow, she would be doing it right now. “Tell me what?”

“Well, I wanted to do this for the oldest girl and Kyle more than agreed that it was a good idea. So Elle Woods, meet Elle O’Boyle.”

Elle’s eyes widened as she looked between the baby and Paulette and Kyle. “Seriously?!”

A nod from Paulette and Kyle and the tears were already filling her eyes. “Omigod...”

She gently handed the little Elle to Ash and went over to the bed to hug Paulette and Kyle, trying her best not to tear up more than she already was. Suddenly, the 24 hours without sleep didn’t seem to matter that much.
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