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Okay, so I keep getting certain things I've said about Elle mixed up due to the time space between when I originally started playing her and when I picked her up again for what I'm dubbing the Ash Blonde line. This is my attempt to set things in stone so I don't keep getting things mixed up. May include some details about my other Legally Blonde: The Musical pup, [ profile] needirishlovin.


Elle Woods was born in Malibu, California June 5th 1986. Her parents are James Woods (Hollywood Agent) and Tane Breeden-Woods (Former Beauty Queen, on the Board of Directors for the Miss Southern California Beauty Pageant). Elle was an only child and due to her parents busy schedules, she spent a lot of time with a Polish nanny named Magda Gorski growing up. Despite being popular even as early as Elementary school, Elle does admit that she could get a bit lonely growing up.

Education/Odd Connections

Elle attended some very well to do private schools growing up due to her parents insistence that she have the best possible. She ended up attending school with children of several actors, musicians, other people high up in the entertainment industry and even a few royals.

And her next door neighbor is Richard Simmons.

Most of Elle's strange connections come from the fact her father is an agent with a huge roster of clients and she managed to meet all of them growing up. She's even worked as a personal shopper for some of them in high school (how do you think she got a recommendation letter from Oprah?).

Elle attended UCLA with a bachelor's degree in Fashion Merchandising. She was inducted into Delta Nu in her Freshman year (which she is legacy - her grandmother was in the first graduating class of Delta Nus at UCLA) and became president in her Junior year and kept the position until her graduation in 2008 (Note: Despite Emmett mentioning he's Harvard Law Class of '05, years in the musical are never really specified. For mun convenience, Elle is moving along in real time).


Bruiser Woods has been Elle's constant companion since she was seventeen. The summer before her senior year of high school, she found an abandoned puppy in a box outside of a mall. There was nothing else in the box besides a note that said his name was Bruiser. Despite not knowing anything about taking care of animals (her parents and the nanny said no), Elle took him home and figured out everything she needed to in order to make sure he survived. Since then, Bruiser has constantly been with her. Elle absolutely dotes on him and she goes out of her way to make sure he's taken care of if she can't take care of him for any reason.


After a rough first semester at Harvard, Elle got on her game and is currently busting her ass as a second year at Harvard Law while occasionally helping Paulette with the legal details of starting a new business as well as morning sickness (Paulette's, not hers).

Elle briefly dated Emmett Forrest after the Wyndham trial, but for various reasons, they broke up shortly before she started her second year. The decision was mutual and they're still good friends.

In October, Elle met Ashley Williams shortly after his return from the Cabin, but before he was sucked into 1300. They started seeing each other not too long after they met. Ash neglected to mention to her that he had learned from another version of himself that he needed to go back to 1300 and was purposely stalling the trip. At the time of this post, Elle was accidentally transported back to 1300 with Ash, but after finding a certain door, is temporarily living with the other Ash and his family in Michigan.


Despite being from a family of privilege, Elle doesn't look down on anyone just because they're from a lower income status. She goes out of her way to be helpful to people. Sometimes, she can be a bit naive about things and excessively perky about things, but she's not a dumb blonde. She's super observant about things and is quick to pick up on details that other people would miss. And when she's really determined to do something, she makes sure to follow through completely (like...jumping through hoops to get into Harvard and scoring 175 out of 180 on her LSATs just to attempt to win back an ex).

While she still has some of her Malibu mindset, Elle has honestly tried to think and act less like a west coast girl and more like a law student. She still keeps the same perky personality however and she still sticks out with her bright clothes in class.

One of Elle's stranger quirks is the kind of music she listens to when she's studying. While most of her classmates study with silence or very soft music, Elle blasts pop music that would be more appropriate for a club on occasion.


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