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Nov. 4th, 2009 09:42 pm
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The day after the Wyndham trial, Elle immediately went out and bought copies of the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald. She got a rather strange look from the sales clerk (apparently not many girls who looked like her bought newspapers), but a quick double take when he saw the cover picture of her and Brooke.

The Herald said THE DAUGHTER DID IT! The Stunning Upset In the Trial of Brooke Wyndham

The Globe said Brooke Wyndham framed, freed in Trial Upset

Elle didn't think of what happened in the trial as an "upset", but she wasn't writing the papers. She had expected most of it to be about Brooke and Chutney, so she was rather surprised when she had gotten a good paragraph in each on.

Later that day, Enid practically came rushing across campus with copies of The Harvard Crimson and Harvard Law Record. Both boasted the same headline with a rather unexpectedly flattering picture she didn't know was taken...


Those articles talked a good portion about Brooke, but it had been mostly about Elle and how her own common sense had kept Brooke from going to jail. It made her feel oddly satisfied.

The next week, Paulette was excitingly waving a copy of People magazine in her face. The headline was 'I THOUGHT IT WAS YOU WALKING THROUGH THE DOOR!' THE SHOCKING TRUTH IN THE TRIAL OF BROOKE WYNDHAM and in smaller text Jealousy, Fatal Mistakes and How a Law Student Saw The Truth.

Elle thought it was kind of sensationalized, but she got a good giggle out of it.

Those were the headlines. There were more, of course. Elle's inbox had been stuffed with online news links about the trial from AP to TMZ. There was even a Perez Hilton blog or two, but Elle passed on reading those.

If you look carefully at the corkboard on the wall behind her desk, you can see some of those headlines. Some might see it as boastful, but to Elle, it's vindication. A reminder that she's more than her hair.

It reminds her that some things aren't worth giving up, even when times are hard.


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