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Oct. 30th, 2009 06:30 am
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1.) A few days ago, when Serena called to tell me she got engaged. Tears of happiness, promise.

2.) When Warner broke up with me. I'm no longer sad about the Jackie/Marylin thing.

3.) When I failed that test in Professor Stromwell's class after busting my ass studying for a week.

4.) When Callahan kissed me and fired me because I slapped him. Thankfully, everything became better after that.

5.) After that dream I had in sophomore year where Bruiser had been run over. Was it by one of the Zetas? I don't really remember that part of the dream.

6.) Whenever my nanny tried to dress me when I was a kid.

7.) Last week when my mom just didn't seem to care about anything school related I was talking about.

8.) When Emmett and I broke up. It was mutual and we still talk, but I still cried myself to sleep that night.

9.) Every time I watch Moulin Rouge. I should just start skipping the end and save myself the headache.

10.) When Farrah Fawcett died. I used to watch re-runs of Charlie's Angels religiously as a kid.


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